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The mission of the Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo is to provide unique experiences in education, conservation and recreation that inspire environmental stewardship.
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Birdathon Update!

Bird-a-thon Team

Team members included volunteer Scott Cowan, Program Director John Gallagher, and Executive Director Jamie Little.

Your Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo’s Birdathon team completed their 24 hour Pueblo County birding adventure on Saturday, May 31.  Although 24 hours seems like a long time, there were too many great birding hotspots in Pueblo County to get to, even in that amount of time. The team did make it to the Pueblo Mountain Park, Chico Basin Ranch, the nature center, city park and Lake Pueblo State park, with many stops along the way. The team’s first bird was a Flammulated Owl, just after midnight at the Pueblo Mountain Park and their last bird of the adventure was a Barn Owl, flying above the Raptor Center parking lot.   We recorded 98 Species of birds. Contributions can be made per species or a flat donation amount. Thanks to everyone who already contributed to this fundraiser, as well as those now making a contribution. Please make checks payable to the Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo. Get a pledge form Here.

Highlights of the May 31st Birdathon

Cedar WaxwingEastern Kingbird

Red-tailed Hawk Nest

Swainson's Hawk













 NRCP Birdathon, May 31st

Have you read the book or seen the movie the “Big Year?” It tells the story of three birders competing to record the most species of birds over a year in North America. Another type of birding competition organized by the American Birding Association (which is based in Colorado) is a Big Day, where birders try to record as many species as possible in a 24 hour time period.

​Program Director John Gallagher and Executive Director James Little are birding a Big Day in Pueblo County during the 24 hours of May 31st, 2014. Our goals are to highlight Pueblo County as the best birding area in the state to encourage eco-tourism, reach out to the community to help area citizens learn of conservation and education efforts at the NRCP, raise money to support conservation and environmental education, and contribute valuable information on birds of the area as a form of citizen science.

You can help by sponsoring our Birdathon team! Pledges can be either a flat rate donation, or you can choose to donate any amount per species. We will let you know our results.  Get a pledge form.

Complimentary one year memberships are given to those not already members that donate over $50.

Please make checks payable to the Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo.

For more information call (719) 549-2345 or (719) 549-2458.

Thank you for your support of education and conservation!