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The mission of the Nature and Wildlife Discovery Center is to promote environmental stewardship and population health through nature education, wildlife rehabilitation, and outdoor recreation.
Nature and Wildlife Discovery Center

Nature Camps

Nature Fun

Do you remember those long lazy days of summer when you were a child, traipsing through the woods, building forts, turning over rocks and digging in the dirt? Your child can have those experiences and more in our Nature Camps this summer. Children will be immersed in the exploration of nature through outdoor play, hands on activities, and interactions with our birds of prey. Your child will be encouraged to become active and at ease outdoors while learning that the natural world provides endless adventures.

Free Range Summer Camper enjoying some unstructured outdoor play.

Nature Camper enjoying some unstructured outdoor play.

Why Nature for Children?

Unfortunately, many children today are growing up without positive outdoor experiences. Consequently, this lack of connection with the outdoors and nature will have a profound impact on public health, state and local economies, and environmental stewardship. To be effective and healthy leaders in the future, our children need to get outside and connect to the natural world now.

Every Kid Should Have a Chance to Go to Camp!

The Nature and Wildlife Discovery Center strives to make our camp experiences available to all children. If your family needs assistance to attend our Nature Camps, we do offer confidential scholarships, available at the pricing/registration links below.

Campers hiking back from beach.


Summer Camps

Outdoor adventures await your K-12th graders! We have a great lineup of Summer Camps running from June to August 2019:

We offer a variety of Raptor Camps, Greenhorn Mountain Overnight Camp, Overnight Camp at Mission: Wolf, and Nature Day Camps in Pueblo and Beulah.

Click here for information/registration!